Telin Claim “Best Wholesale Carrier” Award in CWA 2016

cwa1London, 21 September 2016 – Telin has won another international recognition through Carriers World Awards (CWA) this year. Having previously been named as the Most Innovative Wholesaler and brought the New Equilibrium business model for wholesale voice business in 2015, Telin managed to win another achievement this year for the Best Regional Carrier Wholesale category, beat Interoute, Airtel Business, PLD, LLC, and COLT.

Carriers World Awards (CWA) is an annual event initiated by Total Telecom, a subsidiary of Terappin, as an appreciation for global carrier companies. CWA 2016 attended by major global players, namely as BICS, TATA, Singapore Telecom, Epsilon, and NTT Communications. Telin has received several nominations this year, including Best IPX Service Provider, Best Messaging Solution, Outstanding Partnership Initiative and Best Regional Carrier Wholesale.

Determining a winner in each category is done through two stages of judging, in which the first phase of assessment conducted by a team of judges from the CWA as an expert in the field of carrier and supported by experts from the telecommunications industry, consulting, and analytics partners of CWA, such as the independent consultant, analyst, media and related business contributors.

The experts had done research within the industry, while also assessing the carrier to clarify the respective activities – each participant in each category. From this selection, the committee then determines the nominees, then enter the next stage of judging, by vote mechanism conducted within the market industry.

One of the points presented by Telin in the submitted material is to lift the company’s successful achievements in 2015, including in maintaining business growth to triple double digit revenue, EBITDA and nett income.

The award ceremony was held in London, England, handed by Rob Chamber, CEO of Total Tele, and Nick Wood, journalists, representatives of the jury. The award was received by Budi Satria Purba, TELIN Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

This award achievement is a proof that Telin is able to compete with other global carrier companies, while strengthening the brand value of Telin and Telkom Group as a Top of Mind carrier in Indonesia and international industry, especially Asia Pacific, in order to achieve the company’s vision in becoming The World’s Hub for TIMES (Telecommunication, Information, Media, Edutainment and Services).

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