2018-05-05 13:51:00

Telin Received Awards from Two Prestigious Events

Jakarta, April – May 2018 – Telin received several awards from two prestigious events in Indonesia. The first award received was Silver winner – Anak Perusahaan BUMN Kategori Indonesia Bersih Terbaik (The Most Integrity State-owned Enterprise’s (SOE) Subsidiary) from BUMN Track Magazine in an event Revolusi Mental BUMN Award 2018 on 25th April 2018. CEO Telin, Faizal R. Djoemadi, received the award that was head judged by Dr Sugiharto, former SOE minister period 2004-2007.

In its following month, precisely on 2nd May 2018, Telin received 3 (three) awards namely Silver Winner - The Most Promising Company in Strategic Marketing, Silver Winner - The Most Promising Company in Tactical Marketing, and Bronze Winner - The Most Promising Company in Branding Campaign in BUMN Marketeers Award 2018. This event was organized by Forum Humas BUMN (SOE PR Forum), MarkPlus, Indonesia Marketing Association, and The Jakarta CMO Club. CMO Telin, Budi Satria Dharma Purba, received the awards from Deputy of Construction and Transportation Infrastructures Ministry of SOE, Ahmad Bambang.

Regarding the award received from Revolusi Mental BUMN Award 2018, Telin has succeeded implementing values in accordance to Gerakan Indonesia Melayani (Indonesia’s Serving Movement), Gerakan Indonesia Bersih (Indonesia’s Integrity Movement), Gerakan Indonesia Tertib (Indonesia’s Diligent Movement), Gerakan Indonesia Mandiri (Indonesia’s Independent Movement), and Gerakan Indonesia Bersatu (Indonesia’s Unity Movement).

On the other hand, the awards received in BUMN Marketeers Award 2018 is proof from Indonesia’s telecommunication industry regarding Telin’s contribution not only domestically but also globally.

With the recognitions received from these institutions, expectantly could improve to the quality of service delivered by Telin to the stakeholders in accordance with tagline Enabling Your Global Digital Business and Solution.