2018-08-24 16:04:00

CFU WIB CEO Inaugurated Fiber Connection of Three Data Center Telin Singapore

Singapore, 24thAugust 2018 – Telkom CFU WIB CEO, Abdus Somad Arief (ASA), Telin CEO, Faizal R. Djoemadi, and Telin Singapore CEO Andreuw Th. A. F inaugurated the construction of a fiber optic network named Avocado Project. Telkom’s WINS NET VP, Bastian Sembiring, Chief Finance and Business Partner Officer Telin, Leonardus Wahyu Wasono and EVP Global Network Operation Telin, Suharyoto also witnessed the event which aim to strengthen Telin Singapore’s infrastructure to penetrate the global market.


Aside from officiating this project, CEO CFU WIB and group also had their site tour in Telin-3, Jurong who was launched for commercial on 22ndNovember 2016, and Telin-1 that located in Changi.


The completion of the 60 km Fiber Local Loop marks the connection of three data centers in Singapore: Telin-1 in Changi, Telin-2 in Global Swith Singapore, and Telin-3 in Jurong to enable seamless, secured, and enough capacity to distribute data and information connection amongst them. With this connection, Telin data centers in Singapore will have connections with almost unlimited capacity.


"The data center is the backbone of Indonesia and TelkomGroup to become a Global Digital Hub, the gateway to the world and from Indonesia. Now it is no longer a slogan that Telin Singapore proclaims itself as The Gateway to and from Indonesia, "said ASA.


Data centers in Singapore is part of NeuCentrIX brand own by Telkom Group completing other data centers in Hong Kong and Indonesia.