Telin Content Delivery Network

Telin Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the only Content Delivery Network service provider in Indonesia. Supported by Tier-1 Global CDN Providers and telecommunication network throughout 14 Point of Presence (PoP) spread across 14 major cities in Indonesia, Telin CDN service is able to provide the best IT solution to 12 industry sectors including Financial & Banking Institutions, Media & Entertainment, eCommerce, Educational Services, Online Games, Hotel & Travel, Web Hosting, Manufacturing, Software & Technology, Health Services, Public Sector, and MICE & Event.

Why Telin CDN?

Telin CDN engages audiences by delivering high-quality online video to meet viewer’s demand and customer expectations, simplify your workflow, grow your audience, extend your reach to any device, anywhere, and deliver faster site performance regardless of device, while protecting your brand and bottom line from potential security breaches and downtime.

Fast Solutions for Fast-Moving World

Telin CDN is your best partner to provide superior content delivery solution. Supported by Tier-1 Global CDN Provider and Telkom’s national network, Telin CDN allows content to be delivered quickly and securely in Indonesia and around the globe.

IT Solutions to Improve Quality of Experience

Telin CDN is an IT Solution through the internet network to improve QOE (Quality of Experience) and reduce OT cost, improve availability, and security on delivery content to your end-customers or users.

  • Cloud Security

  • Telin CDN Cloud Security includes :
  • DDoS Mitigation and Web Application Firewall, to reduce risk of downtime, defacement and data theft. Maintain performance even when under attack.

  • DNS Protections, which effortlessly absorb false traffic and keep your site up for legitimate users even while facing Internet-scale DNS-based DDoS attacks.

  • BOT Management will effectively manage the good bots and the bad bots. Prevent price and content scraping, and combat fraudulent activity.

  • Enterprise Application Access provides your employees and third party contractors secure remote access for applications hosted in data centers and hybrid cloud environments without buying additional hardware or software.

  • Media Performance

  • Telin Mobile Performance includes :

  • Web & App Acceleration to deliver fast websites and mobile apps. Intelligently optimize static and dynamic content for all types of browsers, deliver consistent performance over any cellular connections and simplify operations. Deliver whole web pages that require offload to manage traffic growth and infrastructure costs.

  • Cloud Image Management will automatically optimize each online image for the best combination of size, quality and file format suited for each image and device. Offload and transform images on-the-fly on the cloud.

  • Video & Media Delivery to reduce your content's "upload to publish" time with our optimized cloud ecosystem and deliver video content at the highest quality by adapting in real time to each user’s available bandwidth

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  • Who Needs CDN?

  • Twelve (12) industry sectors focused for Telin CDN services includes :

  • Financial & Banking Institutions

  • Media & Entertainment

  • eCommerce

  • Educational Services

  • Online Gaming

  • Hotel & Travel

  • Web Hosting

  • Manufacturing

  • Software & Technology

  • Public Sector

  • Health Services


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