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PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) is a subsidiary of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, tbk, a state-owned telecommunication and network provider. With vision to be The World’s Hub for Telecommunication, Information, Media, Edutainment, and Services, currently Telin owns 5 subsidiaries namely Telin Singapore, Telin Hong-Kong, Telin Timor-Leste with its product called Telkomcel, Telkom Australia, and Telin Malaysia. With the synergy of TelkomGroup compiled with reliable networks and infrastructures enable Telin to provide high quality services that reaches all parts of the world.

Telin focuses as an international carrier services and strategic investment in international telecommunication business as well as serves as Telkom’s business arms in managing and developing its business lines abroad. Telin provides network business, international information-telecommunication services, including the international telecommunication services for and on behalf of Telkom as well as comprehensive and reliable services through its own investment on international telecommunication services, such as connectivity services in the form of voice, data and internet services, manage services and business solution.

Telin also owns licenses for the fixed and closed network establishment in Indonesia as well as the Facility Based Operator (FBO) license in Singapore, Unified Carrier License (UCL) in Hong Kong, mobile radio spectrum license in Timor Leste, and Network Service Provider (NSP) & Application Service Provider (ASP) licenses in Malaysia. These affirmed Telin as the official network and telecommunication provider. The availability of fully protected network enables Telin to provide reliable services that reaches all parts of the world.

Our address:
Menara Jamsostek, North Tower, 24th floor
Jl. Jendral Gatot SubrotoKav. 38
Jakarta Selatan 12710

Phone +62 21 2995 2300
Fax: +62 215296 2358
E-mail : info@telin.co.id

About Us

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