Telkom Global 01017 Promo Services Program to Welcoming The Year of Water Dragon 2563

To welcome the Chinese lunar new year 2563 which coincide on January 23, 2012, Telin with Telkom Group offers a promotional program of Telkom Global 01017 with cheap international calls from Indonesia to the main destination countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong , China, USA, Canada, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan. This program applies to fixed phone customers, Flexi and Telkomsel who make international calls with access code 01017. This program runs from the date of January 12, 2012 until February 12, 2012.
Promo 01017

Campaign promotion program titled “Sharing the happiness in the Year of The Dragon” expose the numbers 6 and 8 with the intention of the emphasis on cheap call rates from Rp.6,- per second to 8 countries of destination. The full program offers promotional rates for Rp.6,- calls per second to Singapore, Hong Kong, China, USA and Canada; Rp. 8,- per second for calls to Malaysia and South Korea; and Rp. 14.6,- per second for calls to Taiwan.

The program is a joint program that applies to customers of Telkom Group, which offers call rates at the same price for some of the country of destination promotion. The spirit of the Telkom Group’s commitment to provide the best telco solutions for customers in Indonesia, especially for communities that celebrate the lunar new year to share the news of happiness and joy to their relatives and family in another country.

For Telin, this program is expected to increase the number and duration of international calls in particular to a certain country by using special moments that are believed to be a trigger for such promotional efforts. Promotions are also supported through the promotion of good synergy programs above the line and below the line that is expected to massively increase public awareness of the Global 01 017 Telkom services as well as the acquisition effort, especially for budget call customer segments.

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